Little house on the prairie

Ilva Hetmann & Erin Axtell by Bruno Dayan (Winter's Tale - Flair September 2011) 1

Magazine: Flair Italy
Issue: September 2011
Editorial: Winter's Tale
Models: Ilva Hetmann and Erin Axtell
Photographer: Bruno Dayan
Styling: Barbara Baumel

This editorial of September already there, this is great....
When I was watch this editorial I reminded my memory.
Since I was Kindergarten I had watched "Little house on the prairie" on TV at afternoon.
I was a kid that obsessed with american home drama.
I was a kid also obsessed with books and library.
I loved "Anne of Green Gables".
I loved everything of mystery, SF,something like that.
I wanna be there. I wanna be part of it.
I really hope that even now. I reminded.

I want send a lot of love to Bruno Dayan.....

Dream xxx

thanks for reading!!
sorry for my poor English...
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